Space Saving Garage Storage & Makeover Ideas in Thousand Palms, CA; Custom Cabinets & More

Most garages look the same. Plain, unfinished drywall, stained concrete floors, storage piled up in the corners and cars that barely fit thanks to all the stuff we accumulate throughout the years. A plain garage makes organization and well thought out storage seem impossible! No matter how hard we try, we just end up piling…

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Bathroom Remodel Value Ideas in Indian Wells, CA; Vanities, Countertops, Accent Tile & More

Choosing to remodel your bathroom generally entails you don’t care for the overall presentation of it. Whether it is shoddy materials, deteriorated wear, or simply a dislike in the design, getting your bathroom just the you want means gutting it and replacing the materials, fixtures and the essentials as well as adding some luxury commodities.…

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