Types of Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Banning, CA; Shaker, Louvered, Flat, Inset, Distressed & More

If you are getting ready to embark on a kitchen remodel, a big part of your remodel will include choosing the right kitchen cabinets. There are several options out there that are available to you; you will just need to determine the style that fits your lifestyle the best. You may not know what different cabinet options are out there though. Abco Design | Pancho Construction Inc. is here to talk about some of the most popular kitchen cabinet options to help you make the right choice for your kitchen.

White Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

You may find that the most common choice among homeowners for their kitchen cabinets are shaker style cabinets. This will consist of a cabinet that is a panel framed by four other panels. This offers a classic design that will fit in with most modern, traditional or contemporary kitchen designs. They are made of sturdy American wood and come in a number of different types including cherry, maple, hickory or quarter sawn oak.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you have chosen louvered cabinets, they come with horizontal slats that carry with them their own unique style. They offer ventilation if you are looking to put them near a pantry or laundry room where ventilation is important. These cabinets are often more pricey than other types of kitchen cabinetry, but a beautiful choice nonetheless.

High Gloss Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for something sleek for your new kitchen, the flat-panel cabinet may be the way to go. These are cabinets that have a solid cabinet door with nothing but the hardware needed to open them. They are a common choice for modern or contemporary kitchens as they offer such a streamlined look.

Inset Kitchen Cabinets

These beautiful cabinets offer an inset within the frame of the cabinet to give these cabinets a beautiful, traditional look. If you have chosen inset cabinets for your home, you will see that these are some of the most expensive cabinet choices on the market. They are easy to personalize so that they fit in beautifully with your style and design.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

If what you are looking for is a shabby chic design in your home, or a must rustic approach to your kitchen, cabinets that are distressed will give your kitchen the appearance of age to help you achieve it. The edges will be worn off by the manufacturer to help create the image of old age.

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse or cottage kitchens love the look of beadboard kitchen cabinets. These cabinets will have vertical planks with indentation or ridges that is known as beadboard on the face of the cabinets. This will give your cabinets a unique texture that is cozy and still clean and easy to upkeep.

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No matter what style you have chosen for your kitchen cabinets, you can rely on Abco Design & Remodeling to supply and install them for you. We are pleased to announce we will be offering several cabinet lines at wholesale pricing and a large variety of name brands up to 20% below retail. All construction work and installation is done by our licensed general contractor, Pancho Construction, Inc. License #1010077. We can’t wait to open our showroom floor on October 1st. Call us today!

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