Benefits of a Nice Bathroom Remodel in Indio, CA; Increase Function, Home Value & More

The bathroom is used every day and is subject to wear and tear. Often a bathroom is the first area in a home that requires a bit of remodeling. Especially in older homes, the bathrooms are often outdated and are full of needed repairs. When a bathroom begins to develop the need for expensive repairs or replacement, this is the best time to invest in updating and remodeling your home’s bathrooms. Abco Design | Pancho Construction Inc will share the benefits of updating and remodeling your home’s bathrooms.

Repair Bathroom Floor Water & Other Damage Before Remodel

Bathrooms in older or improperly maintained homes often develop minor to severe damages. One common situation is water damage in the walls, which has weakened the drywall and even begins to develop mold. Plumbing is another common problem that in order to repair, often leads to some demolition. When remodeling the bathroom as you begin to gut out the damages, you can make any desired changes to help make the bathroom more modern.

Increase Function of Remodeled Bathroom

When remodeling a bathroom, you should know that this is also a perfect time to alter the bathroom features to create more functional space. Functionality can also include enhanced safety features for aging in place, such as installing handrails and non-slip flooring. Other ways to make a bathroom more functional is to create more space by using cover sinks or showers and create more room for storage space.

Proven Ways to Increase Home Value

There are many aspects of a home that determines its value. One of them is the bathroom and its feature. Modern faucets, shower heads and toilets that help manage water efficiency can contribute to the value of the home. Other features such as tile or stone flooring and bathroom countertops can help increase the value as well. In most cases a remodel can help enhance the value of the home.

Modern & Contemporary Bathroom Designs

When updating the bathroom you are not just making the bathroom more modern, but you are enhancing its appeal. You should redesign the bathroom to look the way you want it to look. When there is a chipped or cracked tile, or the bathtub has lost its porcelain finish, the bathroom looks really run down to the point you just hate your bathroom. When remodeling your bathroom it gives you a fresh start and provides the opportunity to create the bathroom you want.

Know Your Bathroom Inside and Out

When remodeling your bathroom you can also look into the condition of the electrical, plumbing and structural integrity of the bathroom. You may find there is much needed repairs in the inner walls such as insulation replacement, drywall repair or replacement and electrical and plumbing repairs which can help ensure the bathroom’s reliability and safety when completed. With low flow water features, you can begin to save money on your water bill. LED lighting fixtures can help reduce the power cost when using the bathrooms lights. There are many ways to help save money and improve the bathroom while increasing the integrity of the bathroom.

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