Kitchen Wall Cabinet Installation

Abco Design & Remodeling specializes in kitchen remodeling. We offer everything from a makeover with new paint to a complete demolition and new layout, appliances, flooring and cabinets. While some homeowners tackle some kitchen home improvement projects like changing a faucet or painting a wall; installing cabinets is definitely not a do it yourself kind of project.

DIY VS Hiring Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installers

Through the years Abco Design & Remodeling have been called to rescue many a kitchen remodeling disaster. Well meaning homeowners sometimes attempt to save a few bucks, while trying to prove that they are just as capable as a professional carpenter. The problem is they most often aren’t. Kitchen cabinets hung without proper leveling, crown molding, baseboard and other trim work cut and joined poorly as well as hardware drilled incorrectly are just some of the mistakes that can turn a beautiful kitchen renovation into a regrettable disaster. According to the National Association of Remodeling Industry, do it yourself home improvement projects can take two to three times longer than when you hire a professional. In our experience, it can take a lot longer as DIY projects are also more prone to costly mistakes. We’ve not only seen kitchen cabinetry installing incorrectly but we’ve also seen unnecessary damage to walls, floors and appliances during the failed process. Mistakenly believing you can save a little cash is not worth making your kitchen look lopsided and needing more work done to fix mistakes made!

Kitchen Wall Cabinet Installation in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta & the Coachella Valley in Riverside County California

When you hire Abco Design & Remodeling to install your kitchen cabinets, we measure accurately. We have the required tools and years of necessary experience to make sure your kitchen cabinets and other remodeling projects are done properly. We install kitchen cabinets perfectly plumb and level; even when your walls and floors are not! When we install cabinetry, the doors and drawers close properly and appliances fit snug. Contact us to discuss your kitchen remodeling project today!

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