Space Saving Garage Storage & Makeover Ideas in Thousand Palms, CA; Custom Cabinets & More

Most garages look the same. Plain, unfinished drywall, stained concrete floors, storage piled up in the corners and cars that barely fit thanks to all the stuff we accumulate throughout the years. A plain garage makes organization and well thought out storage seem impossible! No matter how hard we try, we just end up piling it all into the corner anyway. Your garage doesn’t have to look like a dungeon anymore! You want your garage interior to live up to the expectations of the rest of your home. Why have a beautiful home with curb appeal, only to open the garage and see the mess that’s inside? By upgrading your garage’s interior, you add value and appeal to your home. Whether you’re someone who spends your time working on your cars, or you just want ample storage space and aesthetically pleasing features, there’s one thing we can all agree on; a well thought out garage layout can benefit everyone. Abco Design & Remodeling offers lots of helpful space saving garage storage and other ideas below.

Garage Overhead Storage

No matter what size garage you have, overhead storage just makes sense. In smaller garages it allows you to free up much needed floor space while utilizing otherwise unused space. You can use this for holiday storage, or other storage that isn’t often needed. Bikes can be hung from overhead to free up more floor space as well.

Slatwall Panel Garage Storage

In garages that don’t have much space for built-in cabinetry, slat wall panels are a no-brainer. They allow for hanging storage all around, high or low. All while allowing you the ease of moving bins as needed for additional storage as your needs change. These walls are sturdy enough to hold bikes, sports equipment, garden tools, mechanical tools, central vac systems and more.

Custom Built In Garage Cabinets

Say goodbye to bulky tool boxes, cardboard boxes and storage bins galore. Built in corner cabinets work well in smaller garages where space is a concern. In larger garages, wall to wall cabinets offer ample storage space for all your storage needs. Store tools, holiday items, out of season clothing, hoses etc. without compromising the look of your garage. Opt for concealing your water heater or central vac system inside a cabinet for a more pleasing look.

Garage Utility Sink & Work Counters

For those who like to work on the yard themselves, or work on their vehicles in the garage, having a working stainless-steel counter with a sink to wash your hands is a win-win. Add in a diamond plate backsplash for easy clean up and a sleek, industrial feel.

Create in Mudroom in Garage

Convert the area around the door leading into your home by adding a custom bench, shoe rack and coat rack. This way you can take off the dirty clothes you wore outside and change into fresh clothes before entering the home. This is especially great on rainy days when you don’t want to track in the mud and muck.

Garage Door & Smart Opener

Get rid of the outdated basic garage door that lacks curb appeal. Choose a new roll-up, swing out carriage door or sliding barn doors to really finish off the space beautifully. No garage remodel is complete without a state-of-the-art smart garage operating system. This will allow you to control your garage via Wi-Fi from anywhere!

Garage Floor Covering Ideas

Say goodbye to those old, cold, stained concrete floors. Choose from an array of flooring options such as concrete stain, epoxy, interlocking tiles, concrete sealer and many more! Kick off the whole look of your garage just by adding a touch of elegance to the space with new floors!

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When determining whether you should hire a professional or do you garage renovation yourself, the answer is clear. Abco Design & Remodeling offers a fresh, unique perspective on garage remodels that work for all preferences. Whether you crave industrial, modern or vintage layouts, we have the right ideas for you! We are also pleased to announce we will be offering several cabinet lines at wholesale pricing and name brands up to 20% below retail. All construction work and installation is done by our licensed general contractor, Pancho Construction, Inc. License #1010077. Call us to get started on your next garage or other home remodel today!

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