Bathroom Remodel for Seniors in Palm Springs, CA; Curbless Shower, Walk in Tub & More

For those who find they need help navigating their home as the years goes by, many will turn to remodeling. Remodeling or handyman services that specialize in “aging in-place” help to make certain changes around the home to make life simpler. One of the main places in the home for aging in-place services is the bathroom. The bathroom often is one of the places where extra features can be installed or changed to make daily use easier and safer. Abco Design | Pancho Construction Inc will share some of the top demands of aging-in-place in the bathroom.

Aging in Place Lighting

Aging in-place lighting is a major consideration for many. Light sensitivity is often a problem. To reduce light glare from the mirror, lights are installed on the side versus overhead. Monition sensor lighting or night lights are also used to make navigating the bathroom safer during nighttime hours. It is also common to install “rocker style” light switches which has a large activate radius.

Widen Doorway for Wheelchair

Most home interior doorways vary from 18 inches to 26 or even 32 inches. For those with walkers or those who find themselves in a wheelchair, often doorways are widened to make entering the bathroom much easier. Doorways and hallways are often widened as well to help access the entire home easier.

Curbless Walk in Shower

For aging in-place, bigger showers are designed and are often accompanied with shower seating. When making the shower bigger, it is also common to have handrails installed to provide better balance with a non-slip shower floor surfacing. Along with all of the changes, nothing tops it off better than a handheld shower head to make showering safer and easier.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops & Sinks

There are a lot of sink and countertop designs that can enhance any bathroom. However, for those in a wheelchair or scooters, having a floating sink provides better reach. A floating sink allows the wheelchair or scooter to get closer than a sink and countertop that sits on the ground. Where not everyone in the home may be in a chair or use a scooter, multiple sink levels can be installed.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

To prevent slipping, a non-slip flooring is frequently requested. There are many types of non-slip flooring today. Some of the best are a slip-resistant tile or vinyl material. Another trick to make flooring less slippery is to use small tile as the smaller the tile, the more grout is used. The grout can help provide for better friction than big tile.

Bathroom Handrail & Grab Bars for Elderly

You can install handrails and or grab bars anywhere in the bathroom. Grab bars are frequently used by the toilets and even along the countertop. Handrails or brag bars are great when additional support or balance is needed.

Walk In Bathtub

Some not only love taking a bath, it is also therapeutic. The hot water helps to sooth achy joints and reduce stress. However, getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult. Walk-in bathtubs can replace your old bathtub which makes getting into the bath much easier. There are many styles of walk-in bathtubs. Some have a swinging door, or a door that rolls up and down.

Bathroom Remodeling & More in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Banning, Indio & the Coachella Valley in Riverside County California

Aging happens to us all, but that doesn’t mean life has to get harder at home. Aging in place remodeling or additions can help make your everyday life easier and more comfortable. If you want to begin changing your home, contact Abco Design | Pancho Construction Inc today.

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