Bathroom Remodel Value Ideas in Indian Wells, CA; Vanities, Countertops, Accent Tile & More

Choosing to remodel your bathroom generally entails you don’t care for the overall presentation of it. Whether it is shoddy materials, deteriorated wear, or simply a dislike in the design, getting your bathroom just the you want means gutting it and replacing the materials, fixtures and the essentials as well as adding some luxury commodities. But there are some things people have a tendency to skimp on when they remodel the bathroom that they really just shouldn’t. We at Abco Design & Remodeling would like to share those specifics that you should ensure are of high-quality.

1) Decorative Bathroom Accent Tile

Many tend to keep the traditional white tile in the bathroom. If you prefer the classic look, avoid the muted white tile floor by adding a splash of colored tiles in the background, or within the backsplash, or even tiles above a bath replacement to break from the mundane and make the bathroom pop while sticking to the cost-effective option.

2) Bathroom Vanities

Skimping on storage space never pays off in the end, even if you want more open space. Solid cabinets can be built to last and with customized options you can instill a unique look with your cabinets and the contractor will ensure they are designed to endure the conditions of the bathroom with constant moisture and temperatures. Having the right cabinets can give you the storage you need without sacrificing any style.

3) Bathroom Countertops

Where you may be having children using the bathroom, you are likely tempted to select inexpensive countertops. This is a common mistake that only results having to replace later. To avoid additional cost in the future, select, select a countertop that requires low-maintenance but is of high-quality. It will complete the look for a beautiful presentation, it will be easy to cleanup after the little ones, and it will last.

4) Bathroom Fixtures

Don’t randomize the fixtures and skimp on the cheapest ones you can find for the sake of saving a few bucks. Consider eco-friendly faucets to help you save more money over time on the utility bills as well as bring the entire style of the bathroom together by installing fixtures that match they style of the bathroom’s surroundings.

5) Bathroom Toilets

You do not want to have continually replace a toilet because you originally installed a cheap, poor-quality toilet. Consider an eco-friendly toilet to save water on your bills and of high-quality to avoid constantly replacing.

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When it comes to for you to remodel your bathroom, no matter the reasons as to why, you will want to budget the cost to ensure your remodel will last for years to come and it gives you everything you want from your bathroom. A complete renovation can get your bathroom completely gutted and started over with luxury options that can transform your bathroom into a mini-spa in your home, complete with steam shower with massaging shower heads, luxury tub, cabinetry that is beautiful, complete with tile and fixtures that look amazing and will last forever. Call Abco Design & Remodeling to discuss your bathroom remodeling options and we will help you get the most of your remodel. We have a showroom in Cathedral City opening on October 1st, 2019 where we will be offering several cabinet lines at wholesale pricing and name brands up to 20% below retail. We will also offer bathroom vanities, countertops and window coverings. We offer a free design and layout service. All construction work and installation is done by our licensed general contractor, Pancho Construction, Inc. License #1010077. Call us to learn more today!

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