What Will Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger in Palm Springs, CA? Walk In Shower & More

When it comes to a small bathroom, most homeowners want to maximize the space available to make it look appealing in addition to it being functionable. There are many opportunities to make your small bathroom look amazing. As you consider the remodel for your small bathroom, we at Abco Design & Remodeling would like to offer a few ideas to make it exceptional.

Walk-In Shower

A lot of physical and visual space is taken up by bathtubs. In both ways, replacing the tub with a walk-in shower lets you regain space. You can also reduce the size of your walk-in shower at the same time, in many cases. Roughly 5 feet long by 2.5 feet wide is the average bathtub. It can make a big different in small bathroom by scaling down to a 4-foot shower gives you back 2 to 3 square feet of floor space.

Glass Shower Doors

Getting rid of shower curtains helps open up your small bathroom even more for walk-in showers and tub-shower combos. Glass shower doors reduce that effect and let more light into the space since shower curtains create a wall within an already small space. Depending on your style preferences and privacy needs, select from clear or textured glass shower doors.

Keep Ballroom Walls Light & Bright

To help small bathrooms feel larger peaking of walls, lighter shades. Because of the vast improvement, many homeowners already use this trick. The top three colors choices for shower walls in 2020 include white, Calcutta, and silver-white marble. Specialists introduced three new lighter-toned gray color options that are very popular for bathrooms as we moved into 2021.

Focus on Sink Setup

When remodeling small bathrooms, bathrooms sinks can be a double-edged sword. A lot of space is taken up with vanity cabinets offer great storage. There is little to no storage, space-saving pedestal sinks have a smaller footprint. What your other storage options are, and the best options depends on how much square footage you have. A linen closet in or near the bathroom is common. If this is the case, a pedestal sink could let you free up some bathroom floor space. If you need more storage, consider vanity cabinets that add under-sink storage without overwhelming the space. 

Maintain a Clear Floor

Look for furniture-style designs if you do choose a vanity. For the illusion of more space, these vanities have feet that raise the cabinet off the floor. By attaching the cabinet to the wall, wall-mounted vanities offer even more space. You may need to update your flooring to achieve these stylish and space-friendly looks, if your current bathroom flooring doesn’t continue underneath your cabinets is something to keep in mind.

Medicine Cabinets & Mirrors

Making small bathrooms feel brighter, mirrors are great for reflecting lighter in. The added bonus of offering storage space as well, can come from mirrored medicine cabinets. By using more than one mirrored medicine cabinet in your small bathroom, make the most of your vertical storage space and light-reflection. The extra storage doesn’t take up space as most of these can be recessed into the wall.

Shower Storage Options

Take advantage and use your shower walls for storage. Keeping shampoo bottles, loofahs, etc., neatly organized and off the shower floor are corner shower caddies are great. Another popular option are shower niches. Add a popular shower bench for walk-in showers. Making great use of vertical space, niches recess into the wall, similarly to medicine cabinets. Doubling as a storage shelf, these make it easy to relax in the shower.

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