Can I Turn My Attic into Usable Space in Palm Desert, CA? Bedroom, Playroom & More

Are you worried that you are in need of more livable space in your house? There are some people that think they need to look for a bigger house to make it more comfortable for the family. The great thing is that many homes have space that is not being used and could add that extra livable space that is needed. You want to make sure that you know what your options are and what it will take to make the conversion. The space is a great area to use for many different uses. You want to always use a professional so that they can pull the proper permits and remodel using the right tools and equipment. Having a good idea on what you want and what you need to get from the space is a great place to start. You can meet with a builder who will come out and make plans and let you know what is possible in the space. Abco Design & Remodeling outlines what you can use your converted attic space for.

Is it Safe to Turn Attic into Bedroom?

One of the most sought after additions to any home is another bedroom. When your family is small and the kids can share some space the bedrooms might be just enough. As they get older or if you have family that move in you may find that you need another bedroom. This can be a room that you want to move a current family member into or a room that is best used for guests. If you have lots of guests at your house and you don’t want to put your family out an attic converted into a bedroom is the way to go. They can finish the walls and the space and make sure that there are outlets and a closet to make it a proper room. Then you can set up the space that is best for you and use the décor that suits your style.

Can You Turn an Attic into a Playroom?

Have you ever been sitting in your house and trying to visit with a friend or neighbor while the kids are playing in the same area. It can start to be loud and chaotic and you may not be able to hear or enjoy your visit with them there. If you are noticing that there is not another place for the kids to go then a play room in the attic is a great way to use the space. You can have the space finished and use it to organize the kid’s toys and play area. Then the house will stay more organized as well with the toys being in a central location.

Is it Worth Turning Attic into a Media Room?

You can also use the space to give you and your guests a space to get away and enjoy a movie or video games. If you have teens they love to get on a video game console with their friends and play. The attic that has been converted is a place that they can do that and you can save your living room from being lounged in all hours of the day and night. You can fill the space with some electronics and some nice comfortable couches or chairs.

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Abco Design & Remodeling can makes plans to convert your attic into a space that you can actually use. Call today to make your plans.

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