What Does it Mean to Get Your Roof Solar Ready in Banning, CA; Azimuth Angle & More

Many homeowners are turning to solar for their energy needs. More and more people are finding that there are several benefits that come with solar powered homes. Before you can have solar panels placed on the roof of your home, you do have to make sure your home is solar ready. Abco Design & Remodeling is here to talk about some of the qualifications that your home must have before solar panels can be placed on your roof.

What Does Getting Your Roof Solar Ready Mean?

If your roof is older, and you will need to be replacing it within the next 10 years, you are better off having it replaced before having solar panels installed. You don’t want to have to deal with installing and uninstalling the panels in order to re-roof your home. You will also notice that the solar panels will offer some protection for your new roof as it protects from the elements. Another thing to think about is the material that your roof is made of. If you have cedar or slate shingles, these are considered fragile, and most solar companies will avoid them altogether. Sometimes, you can find someone that will still install panels on these types of materials, but the installation cost will be considerably higher than roofs made of other materials.

Solar Azimuth Angle

To explain what the azimuth of your house is; it is the direction in which your roof faces. This is an important component when it comes to solar panels. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you want your solar panels to face south for the most sunlight exposure. If your home faces east or west, you can still make it work, but you won’t have as much energy production throughout the day. For those that are building a new home, you can speak with your builder to make plans for a portion of your roof to be south facing.

Check the Electrical Wiring Setup in Your Home

For those that have an older electrical system in their home, the solar company that you are working with may require you make some upgrades to your electrical panel before panels can be installed. You may need a larger inverter to meet state and county codes put in place to keep you safe.

Is Your House Suitable for Solar?

There are some factors that may make your home ineligible for solar power. You could live in an HOA that prohibits that installation of solar panels on your home. You could also live next to tall buildings that cast shadows on your roof. If you fall under any of these categories and are still interested in solar energy, you could always look into community solar options in your area.

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