Styles of Bathroom Vanities in Cathedral City, CA; Vessel Top, Built In Cabinets & More

When it comes to remodeling your home’s bathroom there are a lot of new features you can add or change to enhance the bathroom. Bathrooms can look and function beautifully with the right fixtures. One fixture is the bathroom’s vanity. Often considered the center piece of a bathroom, a vanity can vary in shape, size and function. Putting the spotlight on bathroom vanities, Abco Design & Remodeling would like to share the different types of bathroom vanities that can help enhance any bathroom during your next remodel.

Pedestal Sink with Storage

One type of vanity is a pedestal sink which is often used in smaller sized bathrooms. Pedestal sinks don’t provide much when it comes to storage. Essentially, a pedestal sink is a small free standing sink without cabinet storage. However, you can buy a cabinet or rack that can fit on pedestal sink if additional storage is needed. Pedestal sinks are often used by the minimalist or in small bathrooms with little space to spare. Pedestal sinks do come in many different designs to fit most bathroom remodeling themes.

Free Standing Vanity Units for Bathrooms

Very similar to a pedestal sink, a free standing sink isn’t connected to any cabinet or countertop but stands by itself. Free standing bathroom sinks also come in a variety of designs. Many are square to rectangular that are supported by legs. You can find free standing sinks with small storage spaces, a single rack or empty. Free standing sinks come in many different sizes and work well in small to large size bathrooms. Free standing bathroom sinks often provide more top space than pedestal sinks which make free standing sinks slightly more popular than pedestal sinks.

Floating or Wall Mount Sinks

Floating or wall mounted sinks are often used in smaller bathrooms as floating sinks provide a lot more space. However, floating sinks are a popular option for modern designed bathrooms and they come in many sizes. Floating sinks can be small, while other floating sinks can have counter space and under storage. Floating sinks add a unique feature to the bathroom during remodeling and help make a bathroom feel more spacious.

Vessel Vanity Top

Vessel vanities add elegance and a decorative flare to a bathroom. Vessels are a two part design vanity with a bowl which can be circular, rectangular, or square in space that sits on a pedestal or free standing cabinet. Vessel vanities look beautiful and enhance the look of a bathroom. Many vessel vanities sit on a small free standing cabinet which provides some storage space. Vessels come in many designs that fit modern, rustic to Euro design styled bathrooms.

Undermount Sink Installation

Undermount sinks are one of the more common options for vanities. An undermount sink is essentially a sink that sits on a countertop or cabinet. Vanities often serve as the grooming site where men and women will stand in front of a mirror perfecting their appearance. Many hygiene and grooming items require space which is why many bathrooms will have an undermount sink vanity system. The countertop provides plenty of space and the bottom cabinet provides plenty of storage.

Built In Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Another option when remodeling a bathroom is a vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinets are built in cabinets and sink systems that are more than just a countertop setting on a bottom cabinet. Vanity cabinets are built into the wall. Vanity cabinets often are designed to cover the entire wall adding a unique feature in the bathroom. Vanity cabinets can be custom designed to fit the bathroom and to provide optimal storage and function.

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When remodeling your bathroom consider the bathroom’s vanity and which type you want in your future bathroom. For quality remodeling services, contact Abco Design & Remodeling today.

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