List of Handyman Skills & Common Jobs in Palm Desert, CA; Window Installation, Gutter Cleaning & More

Where some experts have specialties, many handyman services cover a wide range of duties where they have training to execute jobs done optimally. When it comes to handyman work, having a professional assist in a number of jobs can be endless. Today, we at ABCO Design & Home Remodeling would like to share some common handyman jobs.

Handyman Job Description

1) Gutter Cleaning & Repair: Where cleaning the gutters is not necessarily difficult, it can be for someone who is not stable on ladders. Quite a few homeowners feel better letting a trained professional take care of it. A handyman has the experience and training to identify concerns and make any repairs as needed.
2) Tile Installation & Replacement: Laying tile can be more complex than people think as the slightest mistake can throw off the aesthetics, reduce the lifespan, and cause other potential damage. Leaving this project to an expert saves money and time in the long run.
3) Painting: Painting is another seemingly easy project some homeowners tackle themselves or recruit a pro. Painting takes more time than people think and often rush through the project. With a pro, the minor issues can be repaired, and the painting can be executed with quality, precision and save you time.
4) Deck Installation & Repair: There is a specific skillset and level of craftsmanship when it comes to a deck and whether you need repairs, refinishing, or a fresh installation, handymen can take care of this project with quality and efficiency.
5) Electrical Wiring: Electrical work is extremely dangerous to handle, whether you are installing a ceiling fan, a new outlet, or a dimmer switch, trusting in a professional will make certain you stay safe.
6) Flooring Install & Repair: There are special tools involved in the various types of flooring such as vinyl, laminate, hardwood floor and carpets, as well as tile and grout. With the expertise of getting them installed and the right tools, these handyman projects are better left to them.
7) Plumbing & Bathroom Remodeling: Where some can operate a plunger with ease, other plumbing maintenance, installation, and repair needs are better handled by experts particularly when conducting a bathroom makeover.
8) Window Installation: Windows need to be replaced from time to time, whether it is due to replacing a broken window or deteriorated window, or simply need an upgrade for more efficiency, when the window gets replaced, a handyman can take care of it easily.
9) Drywall Repair or Installation: Patching, replacing, or installing new drywall can be done easy enough, but done right and looking well usually takes someone with experience and understanding of the process and how it should blend.
10) Renovation Demolition: There is more to demolition than taking your stress out with a sledgehammer. When knocking down walls, breaking up old tile or other materials, and so on, you need to make sure the plumbing and electrical systems are not compromised. While destroying one element efficiently, you need to safely preserve surrounding areas; which handyman work can ensure safety and effectiveness.

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When you need handyman services done, including from the above list and so much more, call in the qualified experts of ABCO Design & Home Remodeling and let us help you with the home improvement tasks around your home.

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