Kitchen Remodel Countertop Materials Ideas in Palm Springs, CA; Quartz, Laminate & More

The countertops are one of the key features that can update an otherwise outdated kitchen while you are outfitting a kitchen remodel, it is something to think about. With a significant impact to the overall presentation of your new kitchen, the countertops hold a lot of weight. Whether you are looking for something more upscale, something trending, or something that fits your style, you certainly have countless options. Before solidifying the details of your kitchen remodel, it is essential you know your options. Bearing this mind, we at Abco Design & Remodeling would like to share a few options to consider for your kitchen countertops.

Natural Stone Tile Countertops

Stone tile is always a luxury material worth considering, it also is among the trending options and looks stunning no matter your design preferences. You will want to know what you are getting into with each option when it comes to the countertops. With many styles, colors, textures, and options to sift through, you will find a few some impressive options.

Stone Kitchen Countertop Materials

1) Quartz Countertop: The most common colors of quartz include pure white and solid black, although it is offered in other colors. Though a bit of a pricier option, quartz can last for quite some time and has little maintenance involved.
2) Granite Countertop: Granite is a top-choice idea for kitchen countertops. If properly cared for maintained and cared for, it can last for years. Granite can endure a lot of abuse with its durability, however, sealing annually, if not more, is essential to prevent the acceleration of wear and tear. Comparable to many other options, granite is relatively affordable.
3) Marble Countertop: Though marble can be another expensive selection, it can also last a longtime if properly maintained. It is important that one drawback is that it is a soft stone. Making it vulnerable to scratches and stains.

Unique Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop Materials

Should you want to explore an alternative to stone, check out the most common of the luxury options that will easily improve the overall style and design of your kitchen’s remodel.
1) Concrete Cement Countertop: Cement is inexpensive but looks high-priced and is increasingly growing with popularity. To give your kitchen an amazing look, consult with your contractor about cement countertops.
2) Custom Butcher Block Countertop: Butcher block can be directly cut on and with a little sanding and re-staining for maintenance and it completely alters the look or easily remove stains. This is especially ideal for master chefs in the kitchen and it cleans easily.
3) Stainless Steel Countertop: Stainless countertops another low-cost alternative that still enhances any luxury kitchen design and the simplicity of the maintenance is ideal to many. Generally, this option is ideal for alternative to offer an industrial look to a modern kitchen.

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No matter your preference for your kitchen countertops for your next remodeling project Abco Design & Remodeling is readily available to discuss your options and help you find the right countertops that will complete the look of your kitchen and fit in your lifestyle as far as maintenance and care. Call Abco Design & Remodeling today to schedule your consultation.

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