Kitchen Pantry Guide in Palm Springs, CA; Wine Racks, Countertop, Pullout Shelving, Coffee Station & More

When it comes to kitchens, people of elaborate islands, functional, yet aesthetically pleasing cabinets, the bells and whistles of the modern Smart appliances, beautiful floors, and attractive countertops, but few consider the pantry. The pantry is one of the most important elements of the kitchen that contributes efficiency and organization. Today, we at Abco Design would like to elaborate on the pantry remodel, in part of your kitchen remodel or on its own.

Fully Functional Kitchen Pantry

To provide storage, streamline kitchen activities, and make the kitchen work better for you in generally is the primary function of the pantry. Making your pantry more personal, means customizing it to your taste. Making the pantry more sufficient for your needs makes the pantry perfect. Below are a few focal points your pantry should include to improve organization, depending on the size, and style of the available space.

What Does a Well Stocked Pantry Have?

Shelves for storing small appliances. Pantries are ideal for storing food, but they have more potential and with shelving dedicated to small appliances, such as blenders, mixers, toasters, and so on, can keep the countertops clear.
Cookbook shelving/cabinets storage. Have a spot solely for the cookbooks, keeping the close by without them being in the way.
Counter space, if space is available. Where you can store house appliances, dry good, and even do a little food prep if necessary and you have a larger pantry, counter spot can offer more versatility.
Coffee station. You can make your coffee station in the pantry if you do not like to see the clutter on the countertops.
Planning desk. A built-in desk, providing you have the space, can give you a place to sit to clip coupons, making shopping lists, and do other household planning tasks, and even add other customized touches like, envelops, stamps, a or other additions.

What You Need in the Ultimate Pantry

If your pantry is not as big as you had hoped, and you do not want to sacrifice kitchen or other room space to accommodate a bigger pantry, you can make the pantry work with the limited space. Below are a few ideas.
Pullout shelving. You have to make every square inch count and when you need shelving, having it pullout when it is needed is ideal.
Custom shelving. Custom shelving will allow you to change the height of the shelves so that no space is lost, especially if you want to be able to store larger items like appliances
Take advantage of the high space. Build shelving that goes all the way to the ceiling and use the ceiling to hang pot racks or fruit baskets, or even seasonal items.
Benefit from the nooks and crannies. Transform wasted into optimal storage. There are many ways your contractor can optimize every nook and cranny.

Butler’s Pantry

Nothing quite tops the elegance of a butler’s pantry, providing you have the space. A dedicated room, typically positioned near the dining room to facilitate entertaining, is a butler’s pantry be anything from a small alcove or a walk-through between the kitchen and dining room. Here are a few customized options:
Countertop – Used to prep or for staging food while entertaining.
Glass cabinets – Display fine stemware and/or china.
Wine racks – Easy to reach wine for entertaining.
Wine fridge – Optimize the perfect temperature of your wine.
An elegant sink – For quick access.
High-end materials and design – The butler’s pantry is often walked through on the way to the dining area, perfect for showing off to guests.

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No matter what you have in mind for your pantry, call in the experts of Abco Design and let our professionals help you design the perfect pantry.

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