Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets for a Laundry Room in La Quinta, CA? Narrow Cabinetry, Open Shelves & More

When it comes to laundry rooms, having storage solutions can be very useful. Having cabinets can help your laundry room be better organized and add more aesthetics. With the help of constructed cabinetry, you can customize your cabinets and your laundry room to better suit your needs without sacrificing style. Today, we at Abco Design & Remodeling services would like to discuss the laundry room cabinet possibilities.

Wide & Narrow Cabinet Combos

To maintain counter space for workaday tasks, the laundry room cabinets are often needed to maximize long-term storage. Using turned shelf supports to add classic details to the space, installing a narrow shelf a few inches above the countertop is not only practical, but looks attractive. Adding a few hooks can add convenient quick-use storage as well.

Open Shelves, Hanging Rods & More

You may have room for the little extras for larger laundry rooms, allowing you to incorporate open shelves for laundry baskets, hanging rods, and other details to the cabinets. For example, a laundry room with uniformly colored containers on a shelf, with mullions on the glass doors, along with a neat and tidy assembly of cabinets can be a stunning look while keeping the area crisp and clean. To enhance a contemporary laundry room, add trim and crown molding. Give the collection a lighter look and feel as your open and closed storage, pretty containers, and cabinets harmonize together. Cabinetry between the washer and dryer units can be ideal with allotted space, making it the perfect location to store dryer sheets or detergent pods. In your repertoire of small laundry room cabinet ideas, a fold-out ironing board can be easily implemented. A hidden nook between wall studs makes creative and clever use of the otherwise wasted space. Help blend the walk-through space with beautiful wood cabinets with traditionally styled panels, offering critical storage for laundry detergent and other items. The space between cabinet and countertops in traditional laundry room cabinet ideas is often left out. The usually discarded area with slim storage cabinets optimize smaller laundry rooms. Get more creative with a pet door under the sink supplies a hiding spot for the family’s furry friend or add interesting accents with decorative drawer pulls.

Colored Cabinets

The cabinets can be an assortment of colors and sticking with one uniform color isn’t a rule. Add color to your custom laundry room cabinets for minimal details that still make a statement. Be sure to select hues that compliment each other. Or leave them white or other solid neutral colors and add flare with the hardware.

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There are many options and storage solutions for your laundry room. Investing in custom cabinets can not only help the laundry room flow with its size and shape, as well as color and style, but you can also incorporate your own features and preferences to make the laundry room more suited to your tastes and dynamics. To customize your unique laundry cabinets, call Abco Design & Remodeling and let our artisans craft you beautiful laundry room cabinets that fit your Greater Palm Springs, CA home.

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