How Do I Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware in La Quinta, CA? Knobs or Pulls, Finish, Style, Comfort & More

When it comes to a kitchen remodeling project, most homeowners are excited to get the kitchen of their dreams, with customized features, storage options, upgraded materials and appliances, colors, textures, and overall design. However, most people do not give the hardware much thought and often select something at the last minute. However, the hardware is a minor detail that can be the cherry on top. Hardware can be designed to pull or have a knob, colors such as bronze, silver, gold, copper, black, and so on are a consideration, size, and style play a role. Today, we at Abco Design would like to share a few elements to contemplate when choosing the right hardware for your kitchen remodel.

Should I Use Knobs or Pulls?

After you decide on this option, your selections are narrowed by 50% to make finding the right hardware easier. Weigh in both form and function when making the knob versus pull option. Pulls are simpler to use and offer easy gripping for a firm but agile approach. When exclusively using knobs, it can make the kitchen look outdated, but can look impressive when used on cabinets where pulls are used on drawers. This combination lends to a more unique style as well. Because knobs do not make as much as a statement than pulls, they tend to be less expensive, although still useful when you have other minor details you would rather shine the spotlight on. Pulls make more of an impact to the style of your kitchen, delivering a very attractive finished look to the kitchen.

Hardware Finish

The hardware has certain finishes that can enhance the kitchen or even clash with it. Brass, chrome, brushed nickel and so on, are important to the kitchen’s design style. Even if you decide to implement knob and pull, they should all match in color. Keep in mind that metal accents, including your faucet, lighting and appliances. Ultimately, the finish depends significantly on the cabinetry. Contrast can be visually striking for example, by having a bold finish on hardware features on white cabinets. Bronze, gold, and black complements cabinets with warm tones and gray cabinets are gorgeous with black, pewter, and silver.

Style of Hardware

To help you determine the right style for your kitchen hardware, assess the other features and elements of the kitchen. Look for the square or curved lines in the cabinets, countertop edges and light fixtures. Traditional has curves whereas contemporary tends to have square lines. Be sure the hardware corresponds with theme.

Cabinet Hardware Comfort

No matter what hardware, if using it is awkward and uncomfortable, the appearance means little. Most want to move swiftly and efficiently to complete the kitchen tasks. Opening and closing the cabinets and drawers should be easy to manage and comfortably. Consider the hardware when interacting with other people in the house; elderly, small children, even pets.

Good Budget for Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen has its priorities. Be sure that the hardware you are looking into fits the budget. Never sacrifice quality when selecting the hardware. You also may want to have a few extras for when you need replacements over time.

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Where hardware is readily available on online shopping, it is recommended you visit the showrooms. Look for the right color, style, and function. If you find the right now, you can always research the specific ones for style, comfort, and performance.
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