Commercial Solar Panel Sun Power in Palm Desert, CA; Cleaning, Maintenance & More

Considering going solar on a commercial building? Solar is a cost effective way to harvest energy and it is a green technology that utilizes the sun’s energy. The sun cranks out 1.4 kW/m2. If the sun is shining, this power is available to tap into every day. Most photovoltaic panels produce between 14 to as high as 21% conversion of sunlight into electrical power. A commercial installation of 100 square meters of panels would translate to 140 kWh and at 14% produce 21 kWh of power. Not only do solar panels provide power, the serve to insulate the roof reducing cooling costs as the head is radiated by the air below the panels. The suns energy is there for the taking. Investment in green technology like solar panels reduces emissions and the need for power plant expansion!

Solar Panel Payoff Calculator

Generally photovoltaic panels will pay for themselves in about 8 years, after that your installation will continue to crank out some very cheap power. Major savings can accrue some large scale installations saving their owners over $300,000 a year. Yolo County, California generates $60 million a year from their county solar installation. Johnson & Johnson has installed solar at eight locations and Macy’s is saving 40% reduction in electrical costs at 71 locations.

Solar Operations Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial solar power production is a viable energy production method. Yes solar is expensive with relatively high up-front costs, but will pay dividends and if your costs will recoup in 4-10 years you will be ahead; and in for some tax credits as well. Upkeep is minimal and commercial implementations can incorporate automatic cleaning bots that regularly clean the surface of your panels ensuring peak production. These robots use 75% less water than manual cleaning, saving another scarce but dwindling resource.

Solar Panel Consultations & Installation in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Banning, Indio & the Coachella Valley in Riverside County California

The sunbelt states benefit from a high frequency of sunshine and they offset expensive power sucking cooling systems. Cheap energy is becoming harder to obtain, costs are spiraling up and without inexpensive energy our economy will suffer. As power utility produced energy rises, the costs save by photovoltaic electrical systems will rapidly pay for their installation as will tax incentives at installation time. Abco Design & Remodeling is proud to offer solar panel installations and maintenance. Contact us for a consultation today to determine the best solar panel placement for your commercial or residential property.

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