Benefits of Solar Energy Panels on Your Banning, CA Home; Save Money on Electricity Bills & More

The west coast of the United States is the best candidate for solar power. Especially in the state of California, we generate the highest amount of solar power in America followed by Arizona and then Nevada. With solar power becoming a growing industry, technology continues to advance. Many have already joined in the surge for solar power and claim the many benefits solar power offers. Abco Design / Absolute Quality Construction will share some of the benefits of going solar and why you should join the surge.

Solar Energy Advantages

1. Solar Panels Save Money on Electricity Bills
Adding solar panels and using solar energy to power your home brings monthly savings. Some claim to have saved $100 each month. Some have claimed even higher savings. Over the span of ten years you will have saved about $30,000 dollars on your power bill. Additionally, there are many financial options open to help even more homes get solar power. Over time the savings alone will pay for the solar panels and its systems. Solar is a long-term investment that through time will not only pay for itself, but will continue to help you save after the system has been paid off. Most solar warranties are between ten to 20 years. Therefore, most people use their power savings to pay off the cost before the warranty ever runs out.
2. Solar Power Increases Property Value
Because solar power is a great investment to a home and provides power for decades when solar is added to a home it greatly increases the home’s value. Some studies have shown homes with solar power have sold 20% faster than other homes and increased its value by 17%. That means that most averaged size homes increased in value by $17,000 dollars. There are Federal Solar Tax incentives which, depending on your area, can decrease your property taxes by 30% if the solar system that was installed has a value of $25,000 or more. However even solar systems with the value or cost 7,500 are eligible for tax benefits. Keep in mind that each State and zoning and even as small an area as zip codes will vary.
3. Solar Panels Have Great Performance
Not only can solar in the state of California put out the most power, it has a great performance record and is designed to last at least 30 to 40 years. As technology improves, solar power may become an indefinite source of power. In addition, solar panels need very little maintenance and very rarely fail or break down. Solar is an easy method of producing power for your home. Solar systems use batteries that build up extra charges during the day to continue to provide power during the night.
4. Solar Energy is Good for the Environment
Power companies release carbon dioxide emissions every day which has its effects on our environment. Solar panels also emit carbon dioxide. However, the amount is greatly reduced. An average residential solar system can produce 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxides within 20 years which is the same equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles. Solar power has a much less impact on our environment.

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There are many benefits of installing solar power in your home. So many have already joined this popular trend for cleaner, far more efficient energy and love the savings while doing it. If you’re ready to install solar power in your home, contact Abco Design / Absolute Quality Construction. We provide solar installations to residential homes and commercial businesses.

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