Tips to Tackle that Spring Handyman Honey Do Home Repair Checklist in Palm Desert CA Early!

Spring isn’t just a great time for cleaning. It’s an optimal time for home repairs too. Before you replace what’s broken (or just get used to living without it) – why not look into whether a home repair is viable. It’s better for the environment and can save you a ton of money! The first thing to do is to make a list of repairs needed. No doubt winter has taken its toll on your home. In addition to the weather beating down on the exterior of your house, it’s quite possible your roof has sustained some damage and caused a leak or two. In addition, people tend to spend more time indoors during the cool weather which can mean more than just dirty carpets and floors. More use means more wear and tear on everything. It’s easy to delay dealing with that leaky roof until May showers soon arrive and learning to live with broken fixtures, but now is the time to focus on getting these projects off your to do list before they get any worse.

Abco Design / Absolute Quality Construction has prepared a list of handyman and home repair jobs we can take care of for you!

Repair Roof Leaks – Roof leaks can’t repair themselves. Save yourself the danger of climbing up onto your roof – and risking more damage. Call Abco Design & Remodeling to handle your roof repair needs before they get worse.

Clean & Repair Damaged Gutters – Fall and winter have likely taken a toll on your gutters. Simply avoiding them will lead to bigger repairs or even replacement down the line. Abco Design & Remodeling can inspect your gutters, pressure wash them to remove dirt and debris and then repair and re-attach your gutter where needed.

Repair and Clean Screens – Screens let in the spring breezes while filtering out debris and pests. Now s a great time to call Abco Design & Remodeling to clean and repair your screens. If your screens are intact but dusty, we will carefully clean them with a rag and a bucket of water with dish soap. If the mesh needs replacing, we will pry out the old and align the new mesh perfectly. Just think of the money you’ll save over buying new screens – or even better those spring breezes you will have without your home appearing to be in disrepair with the rips and teared corners you may have now!

Level Grade to Avoid Standing Water & Mosquitoes – An uneven grade outside can mean a yard full of puddles once those May showers start up. You’ve likely heard the public health emergency warnings on Zika virus. It is well known that standing water can attract mosquitoes once the temperatures rise. Call Abco Design & Remodeling to establish a level grade line in your landscaping.

Trim Broken Limbs and Shrubs – Heavy winter rains and winds can leave your yard full of broken branches and twigs as well as your shrubs worse for wear. Call Abco Design & Remodeling to find the breaks on your trees and remove the offending branches and also to prune those shrubs.

Repair Broken Fixtures and Features – Don’t learn to live without modern conveniences. When something breaks in your home, call Abco Design & Remodeling to fix it for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

Spring Home Makeover – Are you ready to freshen up your home with a new, lighter and brighter coat of paint? Abco Design & Remodeling can handle everything from changing out a new light fixture to adding a fan to a whole kitchen, bathroom or home remodel!

Heavy Duty Spring Cleaning – Did you know you can call Abco Design & Remodeling for heavy duty spring cleaning or even light weekly cleaning too? We work closely with a local house cleaning and janitorial company in the Coachella Valley for all of our construction clean up as well as move in and out cleaning. Call us for more information!

Your honey-do list doesn’t have to be yours.

Call the expert handyman staff at Abco Design & Remodeling to check off every home repair and improvement item on your outstanding to-do list in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Coachella Valley & Riverside County California.

Your family will thank you for it!

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