Savings Calculator; How Much Does Solar Power Save on Electricity Bills in Palm Springs, CA

Are your thinking about saving money and supporting the environment by “going green” and switching over to a solar energy system to power your home or business? According to the knowledgeable experts at Abco Design / Absolute Quality Construction, making the choice to move to solar energy can be a daunting one, with more and more homeowners across the state beginning to ask questions such as: Is solar power the right choice for me? And can I really save money on my annual energy costs?

What is the Definition of Solar Energy?

Simply put, solar power is an energy source that is provided by the sun. This energy or solar radiation is what makes solar electricity such a powerful energy source. How does it work? Electricity is produced from photovoltaic (light and electric) PV cells. When sunlight comes in contact with these cells; the light reacts with the electrons within the cell causing it to generate electricity. Solar energy is beneficial to homeowners because it produces electricity when you need it the most, during the day when you are actively using your electricity to cool or heat your home. One of the many benefits of solar energy is that it is a clean energy source which produces absolutely no emissions. In fact one hour of solar electricity can offset approximately 1 ton of CO2.

How Much Does Solar Power Save on Electricity Bills?

There are several benefits to installing solar energy panels including lowering your monthly energy costs. Solar energy can also increase your property value, because you are in essence increasing the attractiveness of your property in a buyers’ market. Consider installing appliances with the highest Home Energy Ratings to further increase the energy efficiency within your home. Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable resource with an endless supply that families and the generations that come after them will never have to worry about running out of, in fact solar power is the only natural source of energy when it comes to generating electricity for your home. Once the solar panels have been installed on your roof they require minimal maintenance to ensure they are in proper working order. They are also one of the quietest forms of energy available. The panels convert sunlight into usable electricity for you to enjoy every day. With continuous advancements in solar panel technology you can also expect increased efficiency which also equates to a lower cost of production and a more cost effective product.

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