Reasons to Replace Your Doors & Windows in Palm Springs, CA; Drafts in the House, Cracks in Walls & Above Door Frames & More

Your doors and windows on your home are not really something that homeowners give much thought to. That is unless a child throws a ball and breaks the glass or a burglar breaks in the door. These are both extremely good reasons to have your door or window looked at and even replaced but that is not all. Just because it is not smashed in does not mean that it shouldn’t be replaced. There are all ways that someone can gain access to your home so for the security of you and your family you want to be sure that you have them in the best working condition possible. Now the question is how in the world can you tell that you need to actually replace them and who should do the job? There are several ways that you can see that they are in need of replacement.

Abco Design & Remodeling List Reasons To Consider When Replacing Your Door & Windows

Can You Feel Drafts in the House: When you are sitting in your home and you notice there is a cold draft coming in you may wonder where it is coming from. You can head over to the door and see if you feel it from that area. The reason is that the weather stripping is becoming dried out and cracked. When this happens it is often due to the door shrinking from weather and age. It can make is so that the door does not fit the space and the weather stripping will no longer seal it off from the outdoors. You are feeling a draft which is in turn is causing the energy bill for your home to go up as well. It is easy to feel the breeze and a backup is looking at the door when there is sun out to see if you see it peeking through the edges. If you are seeing these things you may be in the market for a new door.
Do You See Cracks in Walls Around Windows & Above Door Frames: When your door or window has a hole in it or it is shattered all the way, you know that you need to replace it. Now what if you see just a small crack or chip in the glass; is it time to replace? The problem with even a small crack or chip is that it has weakened the windows stability by quite a bit. It is important to replace them even with the small crack since it would only take a bump to shatter the rest of the window. You want to be sure that you are able to stop this from happening if you can especially so it doesn’t happen while you are away leaving your home open to the dangers of a burglar.
Does the Door Rub the Floor: When the door is opening and closing it is supposed to have enough space so that it does not touch and cause damage to the floor underneath. When the door starts to do that it can be because it has warped from weather and will need to be replaced. If you wait too long you will also need to repair the flooring as well as the door.

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