Kitchen Remodeling Design Concepts in Indio, CA; Cost of Cabinets, Layout Planner & More

A kitchen undergoes a lot of use as well as traffic as many call the kitchen the heart of a home. There comes a time when a kitchen may need repairs, updates or changes which triggers a whole kitchen remodel. Remodeling a kitchen can be fun and exciting. Redesigning and updating your kitchen can also have its challenges. Abco Design | Pancho Construction Inc will share a few tips to help you overcome kitchen remodeling challenges and some top considerations when remodeling your home’s kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Cost of New Cabinets, Countertops & More

Remodeling your home’s kitchen can be exciting as you may begin imagining your future kitchen. However, it is important to first plan and budget your kitchen remodel. Much of the new kitchen features will depend on your set budget. There is a lot of research that must go into the remodel before the actual work begins. To get a close estimate of the remodel to see if it meets or is within your set budget, you will want to look into the cost of materials. Starting with the easiest and probably the most fun part of a kitchen remodel is to begin pricing out the new features. If you want new cabinets, countertops, appliances, light fixtures, and flooring, research the price on all of the materials and fixtures. Additionally, when buying certain material, such as countertops and flooring, make sure to consider future investment on maintenance. Natural stone requires polishing and resealing every few years. Hardwood floors are also similar and require the need to be refinished about every 5 to 10 years, depending on their care. One you began pricing out the cost of exterior materials then consider the inner work.

Kitchen Layout Planner

It is often most affordable to keep the same layout of the kitchen. However, if you want to redesign the kitchen layout, there is additional work and cost. If electrical and plumbing needs to be added or rerouted that will add to the cost of the remodel. If you wish to open up the kitchen by removing walls or extending out, that too will add to the remodeling budget. To get a better idea when redesigning the layout of your kitchen seek out a professional contractor. A contractor can help design the new kitchen layout and tell you what additional plumbing, electrical and structural work needs to be done. They can also provide an estimate of material and labor costs, along with the installation of the exterior features.

How to Organize & Manage a Kitchen Remodel

With the budget and full estimate of the kitchen remodel complete, your next step is simply to prepare for the kitchen remodel. After speaking with your preferred contractor, they will schedule the beginning date of the remodel. They should often also provide an estimated completion date once work begins. This will better prepare you to know how long your kitchen will be out of commission. Going without a kitchen in a home for a few days can be difficult especially for those with younger children. You may want to consider, plugging your refrigerator in the garage temporally to prevent food from spoiling. Pack up the cabinets, pantry, and take down wall décor beforehand to make it easier for the contractor to get started.

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Make sure to do your research and know your remodeling budget. Next seek the aid of a professional remodeling contractor. For quality remodeling services, contact Abco Design | Pancho Construction Inc today.

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