How Do Solar Power Panels Work Step By Step to Produce Electricity in Banning, CA?

Solar energy can be defined as utilizing energy from the sun and converting it into electricity for the daily power requirements of homes and businesses. The earth’s sun basically acts like a reactor by producing photons. In theory, these photons can generate enough energy to meet the annual energy requirements of the entire globe. With advancements in solar energy on the rise and the overall cost factors involved with solar power on the decrease, solar energy is becoming one of the fasting growing natural resources in the world.

How Does Solar Power Work Step By Step?

When a photon collides with a solar cell it sets off a reaction which separates the electrons away from their atoms. When conductors are attached to both the positive and negative ends of the cell it turns into an electrical circuit. As the electrons flow through the circuit, electricity is generated. A solar panel is made up of multiple cells, and these multiple cells can be connected to form a solar array. In layman’s terms, more panels equal more energy.

How Does a Solar Panel System Work?

As the sunlight hits the solar panels on your roof, the panels converts the suns energy to direct current (DC) which then flows to an inverter which converts the electricity from direct current to alternating current (AC). The entire concept is simple, efficient, effective and affordable. When you are away from your home and at night, you can still utilize energy through a system called “net metering”. During the peak daylight hours, your solar panels can generate more energy than you can use. As a result, this extra energy is returned into a grid to be used in another location. The beauty of this system is that you will not only receive a credit for the energy that you haven’t used; you can also use your credit when you need it for example on cloudy days or at night. A meter is used to record the amount of energy that is sent to the grid along with the amount of energy received.

Health Benefits of Renewable Energy

When it comes to renewable resources of energy, solar energy is one of the most sustainable, clean and renewable sources found in the world. One of the many benefits of solar power is that it does not produce any forms of pollution including noise pollution. In fact your solar panels create energy from the sun’s rays. Coal for example, produces large amounts of carbon emissions while oil on the other hand winds up in our oceans and groundwater. Solar power reduces pollution levels while preserving the environment for future generations.

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