Freshen Up Your Palm Desert, CA Home With Drywall Repair, Skim Coat, New Interior Paint Color or Wallpaper

Are you ready to make some changes to your home? If you are one of the best ways to do that and make an impact is to have the walls in your home repainted or wallpapered. The cool part is that you can make a huge change without doing much else. The color on the walls can say a lot about you and what kind of décor you have. If you want to get rid of the old drab color you have and step into a more modern feel, now is a great time. There are several things about interior wall design that you want to know about before you begin or make any major decisions.

Abco Design & Remodeling Lists How Drywall Repair, Interior Paint & Wallpaper Can Freshen Up Your Home.

Drywall Repair: The first step to getting your home freshened up is to clear off the walls. You also want to move all the furniture out of the room you will be working on. This will let you see more clearly any damage to the drywall that needs to be repaired before the painting or wallpapering happens. If you fail to do this, part of the interior wall design you will be left with uneven paint and your wallpaper will not go on smoothly. The drywall can be damaged by many different things such as holes from hanging up art. It can be from a piece of furniture that has been bumped into the wall or someone hitting it with a hard object. The drywall needs to be repaired with patches and other tools to smooth it back out and match the existing texture of the wall.
Painting the Interior Walls: If you want to make a change you can choose a new and up to date paint color. You don’t have to go with a color that seems safe but try a bold look. If you want to stay safe with a neutral color you can also add some fun with an accent wall. The painting is done on all the walls and a single wall is chosen to draw some focus to and is usually a secondary color that accents the existing main paint color. This is also a great time to have the baseboard and crown molding painted as well to ensure that the freshness of the room extends all the way around. You can ask the painter for ideas on what color combinations would be best for you and your home.
Wallpaper is Back in Style: You may think that adding wallpaper to a room is old fashioned but you would be wrong. Wallpaper is a great trend that has come full circle and is a huge part of modern decorating trends. Wallpaper patterns are different than your grandma’s yellow flowered kitchen walls. The style has changed and the look of wallpaper is much more modern now. A large flower pattern or a geometric design are all the rage and add some fun and a modern twist to a home’s interior.

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