Aging in Place Home Modification Design Ideas in Palm Desert CA; Handyman Services to Make these Home Improvements a Reality!

When you buy a home, you are most likely purchasing the biggest investment of your life. Unless you are planning to flip the home, you are most likely planning an extended stay! While you may be able to bound up the stairs two at a time to the second story now, you may find it difficult in the future. Details that you loved when you first moved in such as rail-less steps, claw foot bathtubs and high cabinets, will inevitably become an obstacle in the future and a threat to your personal safety as you age. So you will one day be faced with an important decision; do you up and leave the home you have raised your children in or make some modifications to remain in your home? This is called aging in place.

Home Modification Handyman Designs for Aging in Place

Whether you have just purchased the home and are getting ready to start a family, are feeling your age (or at least not as young as you used to be) or perhaps this is an issue your parents are facing, now is a great time to start thinking about how your home can change with you. A great place to start is your master bathroom.

Aging in Place Handyman Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you are considering a bathroom remodel or upgrade, in addition to what you find attractive, consider functionality as you grow older as well. Non slip surfaces are always a great idea. Even if you aren’t ready to incorporate bathroom railings, grab bars and head rests now, you can design a bathroom remodel with reinforcements that will let you add these features later with minimum disruption. The same goes with lighting design. While you may not feel night lighting is necessary now, your bathroom remodel can be completed to add it easily later. Many aging in place features such as walk-in tubs and showers can even increase your home’s value!

Handyman Home Improvements

Other things to think about when hiring a handyman to make improvements to your home include changing your doorknobs and faucets to lever handles (which are easier to use than round knobs), kitchen countertops mounted at varying heights, well-lit hallways and staircases as well as windows that can be opened easily.

Abco Design & Remodeling has the knowledge and skills to make aging in place a reality! Some of our Aging In Place Services include:

– Adding Bathroom Railings & Grab Bars
– Installing Shower Benches
– Upgrading to Standing, Walk-in Bathtubs
– Raised Seating
– Lowering Cabinets
– Adding a Stair Lift
– Installing Non-Slip Flooring
– Adding Night Lighting
– Installing Ramps
– Widening Doorways

To schedule a free estimate, call Abco Design & Remodeling in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta & the Coachella Valley in Riverside County California today!

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